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Croftr delivers fresh chemical-free produce from healthy farmlands in your city, where you can enjoy nature, and farming with your family.

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Land for you

You get a mini-farm with 12 farming beds across 900 square feet of healthy land maintained exclusively for you

Food for you

A basket of fresh vegetables delivered weekly to your doorstep from your chosen assortment of seasonal vegetable

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Peace for you

Visit to experience a 'real' farm with your family, and learn first-hand how your food is grown

The Croftr Advantages

Why Choose us


Make the healthy switch

Switch from your local market produce to the best produce ever.



Your produce is grown using only organic and herbal products; without any chemicals, urea or lead.


Your personal farm

Your real farm managed and maintained by our professional team. Visit and enjoy your farm with your friends and family.


Choose your produce

Choose from a wide variety of seasonal and nutritious veggies and herbs.


Delivered at your doorstep

Get fresh locally grown produce delivered at your doorstep.


Sustainable farming

Sustainable and humane farming practices.

Want to get your Croft?

We are currently building new Croftr farms every week. Subscriptions are currently through invitation only for customers in Gurgaon.
Switch to a healthy, fresh, local produce of chemical-free vegetables and herbs by joining the waitlist. We will get back to you shortly to setup your croft.
A three-month subscription (12-13 deliveries) is priced at Rs. 9,000. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Doubts?

Your produce would be grown using only organic and herbal products; without any chemicals, urea or contaminated water. But as we have just started there might be some residual amount of chemicals present in the soil.
As we are following natural farming, produce quality and quantity sometimes may be impacted by harsh weather conditions or pests/insects attacks. We would try our best to provide you a delivery at least once a week. In case we fail to do so, we will extend your subscription by a week on every failure.
As we won't use chemical pesticides and insecticides, sometimes vegetables may have insects/pests eaten marks. However it may not have any impact on the quality at all.
YES, you can visit and enjoy your farm with your friends and family any day between 9AM to 5PM.
If you don’t like the quality or quantity of delivered produce, you can request for the refund anytime. We will refund a prorated amount for the remaining subscription period.
We have just started and it will take some time and scale to fix the logistics. Till that time, we would only be able to deliver once a week.
We will grow seasonal vegetables on open field setup. However, there would be at least 20-25 vegetables available at any time of the year to choose from.
No, As vegetables have a cycle of 2-3 months, so we have aligned the growth cycle to the subscription period.
Yes, we would be launching discounted long term subscription packages pretty soon.
We are open and transparent in every possible way. Customers are free to visit their farm any day, we would be happy to show all the materials we use at the farm.
As the produce would be chemical-free and grown using natural methods; and there won’t be any storage; it would definitely taste better than market vegetables.

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